Car transport

Why would someone need a car shipper? Here are eight good reasons:

1. You are on vacation and find an unbelievable bargain for a 1964 Mustang. You need a car shipper to get it home.
2. On an antique car rally, your 1934 Chrysler Airflow throws a rod going up a steep mountain trail. You need a car transport to get it home.
3. The Army has decided you will serve your country better in Anchorage. You need to find out how to ship a car to Alaska.
4. Beloved Uncle Jim has passed away in Las Vegas, where he drove his brand new Cadillac last week. You need a car shipper to get the car back to Aunt Maude in Tuscaloosa.
5. Two days before your annual drive to Speed Weeks in Daytona, you slip on some upstate New York ice and get a concussion. You cannot drive for a few days. So, you sign up for auto transport and a berth on a car train.
6. You have been relocated and you and your family have found a great new house across the county. Your twin teen sons and oldest daughter want to keep their cars. You call a car shipper.
7. After spending three years restoring the 1957 Buick Roadmaster your granddad drove, it is ready for a Mecum auction in Texas. You find a vehicle transport firm to take the car to the auction.
8. Your daughter drives to South Carolina, marries a Marine, and flies to Japan to be with him. She left her Volkswagen Beetle in a motel near Paris Island. You call a car shipper.

Author: Julie

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