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Have you been in the course of a slip-and-fall accident? Perhaps you are eligible for the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured during a fall-and-slip accident. If you want to know more about your rights, talk to a fall and slip lawyer right away. In this video it is possible to see someone injured by being slammed down in a grocery store.

This video contains surveillance camera footage captured from a grocery shop. Regular people just walk about their normal routine. Woman takes a bag of ice from a freezer. Then she sets it down on the floor while she gets ready to buy another bag of the ice. She then walks out of the grocery store carrying both bags of frozen ice. Just 20 seconds later, a woman and child walk down that aisle. The woman reaches that spot from where the prior woman put the ice down then she slips, and then plunges to the ground. When she is lying on her back, she evidently feels discomfort. In this case she could be entitled to claim compensation for her injuries, provided it’s concluded that the business should have had precautions implemented to avoid the accident.


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