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Needing a lawyer can be unsettling enough. Not being able to afford a lawyer when you do need one can be downright terrifying. But our country was founded on the principles of fairness and equality before the law, and economic circumstances should never be a barrier to competent, capable legal representation. And thanks to community legal services, this American ideal is alive and well in our judicial system.

Suppose you simply need advice on a legal matter, but are not sure you need full representation? With something so important your legal rights, you should never have to pay for advice. Community legal services offer citizens just like you the kind of guidance and support they need when making crucial legal decisions. If the situation is nothing to worry about, the questioner receives the peace of mind they need without paying an exorbitant hourly rate. But if the situation demands immediate legal attention, the questioner is already in the right place to receive the help they need.

In that instance, community legal services can offer full legal representation for those who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Whether the matter is a civil injustice, a personal liability issue, or any number of legal situations that may arise, the community service can provide professional, experienced lawyers who have dedicated their time to helping those who may very well need it most. Every branch of law is covered, from property law to inheritance law to civil liberties to divorce.

Need help finding the nearest location? Most states maintain a community legal services directory to assist residents in finding the right organization in their area. While some states may have services that cover more than one city, often times larger cities will have a single office dedicated to their residents, such as Community Legal Services Inc., the office for community legal services Philadelphia residents can all turn to for help.

Proper legal representation is something we all deserve, regardless of how much money we make. If you have a legal question or need legal representation, do not hesitate to seek the services that are your right as a citizen of these United States. The law exists to serve everyone, and no one should be denied counsel and guidance, especially when they need it most.

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