A Jean For Every Gene

Dark wash jeans

Over time, denim has come a long way. It has moved from an unacceptable pant in the workplace, to a staple of many stylish business casual three piece suits. My, how times have changed.

Jacob David and Levi Strauss first patented jeans on May 20th, 1873, and the first visual depiction of classic “working man” blue jeans dates back to a 17th century Italian painting. Today, people literally all over the globe wear jeans (save rural South Asia), and the average American citizen owns seven pairs of denim.

The amount of modern styles of jeans that are made would be likely to exceed the wildest dreams of Jacob David himself. We have at our disposal studded jeans, ankle jeans, boyfriend jeans, light wash ripped jeans, dark wash jeans, and printed jeans. Any type of jean you can imagine, you can buy.

Jacob Davis was the first inventor of studded jeans. He applied copper rivets to his denim, but did not have the funding for a patent on studded jeans. This is where Levi Strauss came into the picture. Together, they produced the worlds first studded jeans, which seem to have seen their most popularity in more contemporary times.

From colored jeans to studded jeans, you are likely to find any sort of jean you would like online. Judging by the vast amounts of unique denim there is, it would seem there is a jean for every gene! Feel free to share what your favorite styles are in the comment box below!

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