The Importance of Food Safety in the Kitchen


Many people are particular about what kind of food they put into their body, but they may not be thinking about sanitation and safety in the kitchen. There are roughly 830 bacteria per square inch in front of the kitchen sink alone. Still, people will use the five second rule. Women are more likely to use this rule, and sweets are most like the food in question when it is employed. But no matter who uses the rule or what is being dropped, that does not change the bacteria that can be present on the ingested food.

This is only one reason that it is important to teach proper sanitation and safety in the kitchen. Taking accountability for the food you are putting into your own body is one thing, but not safely handling food for someone else is another. Food safety and sanitation is something that we all hope restaurant employees are trained on and practice. That is why restaurant owners or managers should be diligent when providing food safety training and kitchen sanitation rules.

Bacteria that causes the common cold costs children nearly 22 million school days yearly.
With germs like Norovirus, Salmonella, and E. Coli causing thousands of illnesses and deaths in the United States every year, it is a necessity to follow food safety guidelines. Sanitation and safety in the kitchen can be taught through courses, and some companies are even available to make the process of training many employees at once more manageable.

There are companies available to provide safety courses and may even employ an easy to use dashboard. This dashboard may be used to track scores and progress of employees, manage training procedures, list and show credits and training expenses, print the completed certificates, and more. This could prove to be a much easier way for managers to oversee training on sanitation and safety in the kitchen.

It is important to find courses for yourself or employees on safety and sanitation in the kitchen if you work in the food service business. There is vast information on food safety. Before your business begins serving others your should know the basics of sanitation and safety in the kitchen. Without the proper training you could be risking the health and lives of those you serve. More.

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  1. They dont. I worked at a fast food restaurant and you only have to do food training if you are a manager. Which is funny because the managers do not touch your food nearly as often.

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