Beginners Guide to Installing New Hard Wood Floors – Vacuum Storage

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Take the carpet and pad off
Instead of taking the carpet out in one roll, cut the carpet into smaller chunks. The carpet can be easily removed carpet from the corners, which is where track strips are.

Once the carpet has been taken off, then begin to remove the pad. These are attached with staples. There could remain patches that need removal of pliers that are diagonal.

Vapor Barrier
After the subfloor has been cleaned, you are able to apply the Vapor Barrier. This is used for genuine hardwood floors in order to keep water from leaking into the wood.

Take flooring out of boxes
The flooring should be removed from the boxes. Mix them so that there aren’t any clear shades of difference during the installation. Give them time to adjust to your room.

Floor Installation
Take a measurement of one-half inch from the corner and trace a line using chalk. This leaves some room when the wood expands. From there, check if the flooring is even. To make the floor level the floor, lay asphalt roofing shingles over the flooring. kjujvz8ekb.

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