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When you think about your childhood memories, especially the formative childhood memories, it’s obvious that summer camp was one. A few children can’t afford to attend to attend day camps for all of summer. Erica Blue wants to change that. She is helping families to understand the many benefits of summer camps. Let’s review.

Children of all ages can enjoy summer camp. Most importantly, summer camp gives children the opportunity to build bonds of friendship with each other. Summer camp gives children the opportunity to develop new connections, even though they may already have the opportunity at school. Summer camp will bring back amazing memories and new friendships, no matter if they are connected through shared activities or sharing experience.

In addition, summer camp usually allows children to explore interests they may not have had a chance to in school. Activities like performing arts, outdoors sports and other wilderness experiences are fantastic opportunities for your child to learn an entirely new skill or develop a new hobby while they’re in camp. You’ll also be able to develop new hobbies or skills while at camp.


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