Bling Jeans and More

Women s slim fit jeans

The french used a term jean’s in reference to the sailors who were known for wearing cotton twill trousers who were from Genoa Italy. Jeans go way back in history. In fact, somebody has a pair of jeans that goes back to 1879. This is the only pair that still exists from that time period that were made by Levi Strauss. Today, we have all kinds of jeans to choose from. They are not just your average run of the mill cotton twill Levis. Today you can get bling jeans, embellished jeans, embroidered jeans, slim fit jeans for women, striagh legged jeans for women, studded jeans, whiskers jeans and more.

The birth date of the original jeans is may 20th, 1873. This is the date that the first patent was done by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss riveted jeans. Since then, many more jeans have been designed under their names, such as the bling jeans. People form all over the world wear jeans today. Well, that is except for South Asia. They don’t seem to like them or wear them there. Jeans are made from cotton and are very economical. Did you know they can make 200 pairs of bling jeans and other jeans from one bale of cotton?

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