Urinary Catheter Supplies

Foley catheter removal

Interestingly, the catheter has a long and interesting history. David Sheridan developed the disposable catheter and is credited with saving many lives as prior to his invention of the disposable catheter rubber tubes were re used, leading to infection and the spread of disease. Silicone is the polymer most often used for catheters as it is inert, and does not react to bodily fluids or most of the medical fluids with which it might come into contact.Though, a range of polymers are used for the construction of catheters, including silicone rubber, latex, and thermoplastic elastomers. However, latex free catheters can be used in patients with latex sensitivity.

If you’re looking for urinary catheter supplies there a variety of things to consider. First of all, catheters can be quite expensive. If you’re on Medicare you will want to look into Medicare catheter coverage or Medicare catheter supplies. It is quite possible that you may only need an urinary catheter supplies for an intermittent catheter. If this is the case you will probably want to look into self catheter supplies or self catheterization supplies. There are different options for urinary catheter supplies, so you’ll want to do some research to make the most appropriate choice for your own personal situation.

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