BYOD for Your Business May Be Ideal, Considering the Rise of Mobile Devices

Ipads in the enterprise

Technology is becoming increasingly more mobile all the time. With this in mind, it is wise for small business owners to consider catering their day-to-day operations to fit this emerging paradigm in order to allow for a more convenient work environment for employees and more efficient results in terms of overall productivity. This may very well mean implementing a “bring your own device” policy, also known as BYOD, for your company.

The statistics concerning the ubiquity of mobile device use would seem to support this decision. About 65 million people in the United States are smartphone owners. Among users who subscribe to a mobile service in America, more than 30% do so for business purposes. Additionally, the number of tablets sold in the year 2010 was an impressive 19.5 million. With this in mind, it could make your business’s transition to a mobile device management system more smooth.

In fact, iPhone management under the BYOD model may be much easier and more cost effective to implement than you had initially thought. Apple has created a free product called the Configurator, which can enable your business to set up a connection of as many as 30 iOS devices simultaneously, all monitored and network-protected in the cloud.

But why is iPhone security and management so critical to how a company does business? In short, the BYOD model of mobile device management allows a firm to quickly and efficiently establish important software updates and security improvements to the devices in question so that employees can use them complete tasks in a timely manner without any complications that could cost the business time, money, or both. These updates are manifested in the form of patches.

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