The Perfect Moving Checklist

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Since there are 43 million people who move every year, which more than four times as many who visit Disneyland in the same time period, improvements in moving methodology were obviously inevitable. One such improvement are the increasingly popular moving pods. Basically, families rent portable storage units, also known as moving pods, pack them themselves on their own schedule, and then have them delivered through the moving pods company to their new home on the day of the big move.

However, despite the developments in moving methods, nothing can help make a move more successful than a good checklist. In fact, experts agree that a comprehensive checklist is essential to a successful long-distance move.

The first action items to include on your checklist are things to do about eight weeks prior to your move. Contact moving pod companies and get an estimate on how many storage moving pods you’ll need, and how much it might cost you. During this part, you should also purge your closets of any unnecessary items either through donation or disposing of them in the garbage. Also, inventory everything in your home that you’ll bring–you’ll need this list when you pack and unpack the moving pods.

The next set of items should be done about six weeks before your move. These things are all finalizations, including travel plans, real estate or rental needs, and obtainment of professional records, like medical documents, and school records. Schools should also be informed of the move about this time, and it would be wise to ask a doctor for any recommendations to other medical professionals in your new area.

The only really important thing to do about a month before your move is to notify the utilities companies. You want things shut off on a date after your move, and utilities in your new home turned on prior to your move in date. During this month, and in the weeks leading up to the big move, it’s important to notify any necessary parties of your new address, and to complete packing (which should be a breeze if you’re using moving pods).

With that game plan, you’ll definitely have a successful move. If you have any questions about these action items, or about moving pods, feel free to ask in the comments. To learn more, read this.

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