Consider Email Hosting Services Rather Than Free Services

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Many of us do not give email hosting a second thought, or even a first thought A lot of us have our email accounts through free services that pretty much gives us the basic services we need, but not much else.

So how did emails and email hosting get its start? The Compatible Time Sharing System, or CTSS, was developed at MIT in 1961. It let multiple users to log into a central system from remote locations via dial up terminals. These users could store and share files on a central dis. Informal ways of using this system to pass messages were then discovered. This gave rise to the first true email hosting system; know as CTSS MAIL from MIT, four years later.

There are approximately 294 billion emails sent every day. That translates to about 2.8 million emails sent and received every second. About 90 percent of these millions of email messages are viruses and spam. That is truly a frightening statistic.

So why use email hosting? Services that include email hosting and website hosting are an affordable, scalable, and easily accessible way to provide email address to numerous accounts. Email hosting providers allow indexing and archiving of emails. This allows administrators, auditors, and users to access stored messages.

When thinking about email hosting, you will find that some email hosting providers, run their services on servers, while others are cloud based. You can make this choice when considering Rochester web development and email hosting services.

Having your own email hosting service will let you expand your capabilities to market via email campaigns. You will probably be told by a Rochester web design firm that email hosting and email campaigns are a very important part of a digital marketing plan. Having an independent email hosting plan will give you more flexibility and options than a free email service. In addition, they really will not cost much, when you consider the overall benefits.

Discuss website hosting and other features that can be obtained from the company hosting websites for you or your company.

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