Direct Mail and Postcard Printing Can Deliver Your Message

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There is a long, rich history behind postcards. This history revolves around sending messages to others. During World War I, soldiers sent delicate postcards made of embroidered silk mesh to their loved ones. From the 1920s through the mid century, some of the most popular postcards were the “saucy seaside” variety. These postcards featured off color or bawdy jokes or risque images. Currently, postcards are often used to send advertising messages. Interestingly, younger consumers, those between the ages of 18 and 34, actually prefer postcards sent through the mail.

Postcard printing used for direct mail postcards
is a cost effective way to draw attention to your message. Postcard printing will let this message get into the hands of your target audience. In the United States alone, marketers send more than 90 billion pieces of direct mail marketing or advertising per years.

Direct advertising campaigns, including those using postcard printing, are valuable in terms of return on investment. This is because they show how many potential customers actually responds to a clear call to action.

Custom postcards and postcard printing can assist you in getting your message out to a certain group of individuals. For instance, if you are a real estate agent, you can use real estate direct mail postcards to create a campaign advertising a new listing. This type of direct mail marketing will allow you to send this information to a select group of potential buyers.

There are many different sources to find postcard printing services for your campaign or marketing efforts. There are many postcard direct mailing companies that will design your pieces, do the postcard printing, and also mail the postcards to your selected audience. These postcard printing companies can also help you create your targeted mailing lists.

These postcard printing companies can also help you create an entire campaign that can be used over several months. These postcard printing services can also be integrated into your full marketing plan.

When you are ready to grow your business or draw more customers to it, consider direct mail via postcard printing services. You will find that this is a cost effective and successful advertising tool.
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