Don’t Let Dirt Ruin Your Air Conditioner

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In the summer time, your air conditioner is probably functioning 24 hours a day. Some people set their thermostats to optimum temperatures to reduce their electric bill during hot months of the year. If your unit is running all the time, you will want to make sure that you are checking the air filter regularly. The coils inside the system pick up dust and allergens which can cause them to stop working. Dirt that sits on the evaporator coils can reduce a unit’s cooling capacity. After cleaning the coils, if you find that your air conditioner is still not working, call a central air conditioner repair company to assess the problem.

In some homes, heating and air units are located in the same place. This was not always the case. In ancient Rome, furnaces used pipes in the wall and spaces under the floor to push heat into houses, and air conditioning was non-existent. Your furnace or boiler now probably uses fossil fuel combustion to heat your home since it is the most common method. The first air conditioners were window units and most people could not afford them when they were introduced in 1932. While these window units are still used, many people opt out for central air so that they do not have to buy individual units for every room in the house.

Fixing your air conditioning unit may require more work if cleaning the coils does not do the trick. HVAC companies can provide spare parts if they are needed. Central air conditioner repair services recommend that you change your filter every few months to keep your system functioning smoothly. Many companies offer to come out before every cooling season to check on the air conditioner to make sure that it is clean and inspect it for any damage. HVAC repair costs can be as much as $500 dollars so you want to make sure you take care of your unit. HVAC services might be costly but fans just do not do the trick when summer temperatures are at their peak. Read more articles like this.

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