Finding the Right Glasses for Your Face

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Glasses have become much more than just necessary medical devices. These days, they’re every bit as much a fashion accessory as a health aid. So much so, that people who don’t even need glasses are buying non-prescription frames, simply as a matter of style. But whether you need glasses or just want them, it’s important to find the right glasses for your face shape.

  • Rectangle. A rectangular face is characterized by a strong jaw and straight cheekbones. Round glasses or oval frames will add a bit of highlighting contrast to your facial structure, drawing attention to your eyes and softening your features just a bit.
  • Circular. Conversely, a circular-shaped face will benefit from more angular frames, to offset the roundness of the structure. Size balance is key with a round face, more so than with a rectangular face, as too-large frames will make your head seem too small, and small frames will appear to widen your face.
  • Oval. If your facial shape is best described as oval, you have the best of both worlds. Round frames, angular frames, cat’s-eye frames, and butterfly frames… all will work with your facial structure. Oval faces can get away with more daring styles, as the shape of the frames don’t alter the appearance of the shape of the head as much.

Knowing your face shape will help you find the right glasses for your face, even if you’re looking for frames online that you won’t get a chance to try on until they arrive at your doorstep. It’s all about balance, contrast, and comfort. Keep those three things in mind, and you’ll always look and feel your best in your new frames. Research more like this.

Author: Julie

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