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Using RSS as a method of syndicating content has long been an effective way for bloggers and businesses to get their work in front of more users. After all, RSS news feeds list give content consumers a convenient, centralized source of web content that automatically updates them about their favorite content.

Utilizing RSS, however, does not have to be about sharing your own content. Instead, sharing news feeds for websites other than your own on your page is a great way to generate improved readership and dialogue.

Why You Should Use News Feeds for Websites%3Cbr%3E

Using news feeds for websites allows bloggers to access three important benefits, according to First, sharing others content means that you can update your own page without the work of creating the content for yourself. Secondly, using a news feed widget to share others’ content on your page may create a back and forth between your page and other web publishers. They share your content, you share theirs; everybody wins. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, is the fact that sharing others’ content shows you are a source for your topic. Consider, you talk about music on your blog. By sharing content from the top music news websites you show that you are interested in furthering your topic as a whole. In the end, you want to get people talking more about the content on your page, whether you’ve written it or not.

How to Install News Feeds for Websites%3Cbr%3E

Even though using news feeds for websites is a great way to improve your readership, it is still incredibly easy to use. A simple web search for “create your own RSS feeds” will yield a huge variety of services able to generate a feed for your favorite sites, whether it is a Fox News feed or CNN News feeds. Dapper, for example, is a free, quality service that will allow you to easily set up a feed and install it on your page.

Three Great News Feeds for Intelligent Conversation Online%3Cbr%3E

Now that you know the why and how of news feeds for websites, here are three of the best sources of internet news that are sure to generate intelligent online conversation.

  • Reuters News Feed
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    Reuters, created in 1851, focuses on business and financial news, making it a great source for anyone maintaining a blog about international politics and the global economy.

  • BBC World Service
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    Since 1922, the British Broadcasting Service has used its former imperialist roots to report on news from the four corners of the globe. Whether you maintain a blog about history, entertainment, or politics, this is a great choice.

  • Gawker Media Feeds
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    Gawker Media comprises the DIY blog LifeHacker, the gamer blog Kotaku, and many other specialized sites. If you run a blog about tech, feminism, DIY, or anything else, there is likely a Gawker Media site that would benefit your site through a news feed for websites.

As you can see, RSS does not have to simply be a syndication tool for your content. Instead, you can utilize it to share the content created by others to increase your readership and their commentary on your page. Why not use this free method to become a better provider of web content?

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