Help Your Vet Practice Grow by Improving Search Engine Rankings

Marketing a veterinary practice

One of the best veterinary marketing secrets that practices can use to attract new customers and expand is to develop a search engine optimization campaign that gives them higher rankings on results pages. 93 percent of all online experiences start with a trip to a search engine website, so if someone is trying to find a vet to take care of their sick pet, they will likely head to Google or another similar site to do some research. Because of that, every vet looking to give their practice a boost should spend some time working on SEO.

42 percent of people who use search engines will choose to click on the highest rated link on their results pages, and more than three quarters will decide to click on organically rated links, rather than paid listings. This means that every business, including veterinary practices, will need to put some effort into a SEO campaign. Some might be hesitant to make the investment, and others might not realize how beneficial SEO can be, but it is a must for companies looking to take advantage of the growth of the digital marketplace.

At the heart of every SEO campaign is a detailed, unique website. Without a great vets website, SEO work will be rendered relatively useless. The information that a vet puts on their website can help them distinguish themselves from the competition. They could choose a design that is simple and clean, or one that is flashy and features big bold colors and graphics. Whatever the case may be, posting important information, like location, hours, services offered, pricing and payment options, and even testimonials, can go a long way towards helping a vet set themselves apart.

If a vet wants to spend more time focusing on treating animals, and less worrying about veterinary marketing secrets, they might want to partner with a marketing firm or SEO resellers. More than 20 percent of marketers who work with agencies report being highly satisfied with the performance of their SEO campaigns, which is significantly higher than the 11 percent who do their work in house. So though there might be some hesitations, working with experts is often the best way for vets to get higher rankings and improve their visibility. Plus, it allows them to spend more time away from the computer taking care of beloved family pets

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