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Financial worries are among the chief stressors for Americans, with many of them stemming from trouble with the internal revenue service, better known as the IRS. Finding yourself unable to pay your taxes can be paralyzing, creating feelings of hopelessness that can result in even further spirals of debt and difficulty. Many are struck with a feeling that they don’t know what to do, sometimes resulting in the most dangerous possible outcome: inaction. Failure to take steps to resolve tax problems can result in a variety of undesirable consequences, and one of the most feared is the tax levy.

Under tax levy and wage garnishment, citizens with tax debt problems who neglect to take steps toward IRS problem resolution find the IRS automatically taking large percentages of income, property, and other assets in order to repay back taxes and the fees incurred. The process is frightening and can lead to real financial trouble for those who are unable to subsist without the reclaimed income and assets. Fortunately, internal revenue service tax help is available. According to the Cato Institute, the country is home to more than 1 million tax preparers who can help to ensure that tax problems with the IRS don’t occur in the first place. Many are able to find additional tax exemptions, available at every level of U.S. government for some income, property, or person. For those who need help with IRS back taxes, tax attorneys can provide analyses of liabilities, help stopping garnishments and levies, and assistance developing a plan to achieve resolution of Irs problems.

Internal revenue service tax help from a professional should be sought immediately once Irs tax problems begin. Before levies can begin, the IRS has a Constitutional obligation to notify the taxpayer and provide an opportunity for him or her to be heard. Enlisting the help of a professional in this process can help stop levies before they even start. Tax attorneys are aware of several means of tax problem resolution that can help avoid additional fees. These resolutions might involve payment plans, offer in compromise, or temporary delay. Tax professionals are well equipped to help tax payers understand these options and could help them to avoid further legal trouble. For example, taxpayers who attempt to delay wage garnishment by arranging to be fired from their jobs put their employers in danger of imprisonment and up to $1000 in fines. Taking tax problem resolution into your own hands can be dangerous, as the processes and regulations are complex.

Though tax problems can be intimidating, internal revenue service tax help is available and should be taken advantage of by those in severe tax debt. The help of a professional can go a long way in the resolution of back taxes and can help indebted taxpayers to get back on their feet. Having a strong tax attorney in your corner means standing up to IRS intimidation and regaining control.

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