Learn about the Many Benefits of Visiting an Urgent Care Facility

Urgent cares

When you are in need of immediate health care, medical centers exist that can save you more time and money in comparison to a traditional hospital emergency room or your regular primary care physician. Although there is no substitution for a visit to the emergency room for very serious illnesses and injuries, urgent medical care centers can often provide the same treatment for less serious ailments. Most urgent care centers can prescribe antibiotics, pain medication, and evaluate the needs of a patient all within one visit. Urgent care can also provide immediate healthcare for non life threatening ailments such as abdominal pains, athletes foot, allergies, asthma, infections, and much more. It is estimated that 35 percent of emergency room visits in the United States could have been resolved faster, and at a lesser price at an urgent care facility.

These facilities see patients immediately on a walk-in basis through thousands of urgent care nearby centers. This eliminates the hassle of waiting in an emergency room or scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician. Additionally, it is typically very easy to find urgent care centers near you, as they are located in most American cities and towns. The Urgent Care Association of America reports that an estimated 10% of urgent care facilities in the U.S. are located in rural areas, with estimated 9,000 urgent care facilities across the United States looking to open up another branch or expand. Today, an estimated 20,000 doctors in the U.S. practicing Urgent Care Medicine.

Not only will visiting these health care facilities help you save time when you are in need of immediate treatment, but they are typically more affordable than an emergency room. Recent research shows in the United States, a visit to urgent care is 40 to 50 percent less expansive than a trip to the emergency room. Urgent care also accepts patients without healthcare. However, if you do have health care coverage, many urgent care facilities will accept your coverage as payment, too.

If you need treatment for ailments such as the flu, strep throat, x-rays for sprained or fractured bones, or even testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases find urgent care nearby to save money and time. While urgent care can not completely replace your primary care physician or a hospital emergency room, it is a convenient option when your regular physician is on vacation or unable to offer a timely appointment. If illness strikes outside of regular office hours, urgent care nearby most major cities are typically opened 24 hours of the day; in fact, an estimated 85 percent of urgent care centers in the United States are open 7 days a week. Read more like this: www.immediateclinic.com

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