Mobile Web Applications for Small Businesses

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Business to business or B2B interaction is just one example of the use of applications for the web. Like many software development models, the web application model is built on three tiers. The three tiers are: user services, business services and data services.

Companies often enlist the help of web application development services. Web applications or apps are accessed by different people over a network, such as the internet. Many companies are using web based applications, and a good percentage of companies are now using mobile applications. Portal solutions often also include workflow management, workplace policy management, and collaboration between colleagues.

Many medical offices are using referral management software. For physicians, dentists, and other health care professionals, referral management software can make keeping track of patient and referral information easier and more organized. Referral management software is being used in hospitals, doctors offices and other medical facilities across the United States. The software can help medical office personnel save valuable time by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, data entry and phone calls. With the use of referral management software, doctors referrals can be easily sent or received in about 30 seconds.

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  1. Wow, 30 seconds for a doctors referral. The last time I needed a referral it took weeks (but that is including the wait to get an appointment with my regular doctor).

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