The Garden Design You Use Should Be Fitting of the Vegetables You Plan to Grow

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Did you know gardening is most popular in the American South? Over the years the gardening and outdoor living industry has really blossomed, with more and more people growing their own food. In fact, in 2011 alone the industry was worth around 187 billion dollars.

Nowadays, around 28.7 percent of American households have a garden or lawn.

Part of this industry growth comes from First Lady Michelle Obama, because she has such a love for gardening and healthy eating.

If you want to create a garden of your own, the first thing you want to think about is what kind of vegetables do you want to grow? The most popular plant to grow in a home garden is a tomato plant.

Once you have chosen your plants, the next thing to think about is garden design. You can do this by creating your own design, if you want. But your best bet is to visit garden centers in your local area and check out their garden design recommendations.

For example, there are certain plants that you should plant away from each other, and other plants that it is perfectly fine to grow side by side.

Gardening centers will have all the information you need to make your garden a fully grown, delicious place in your very own yard. These garden centers often have a plant nursery where you can buy starter plants. All you have to do then is plant them in your garden, and watch them grow.

If you have landscaping in your yard, or are considering a landscape design, be sure to factor your garden into the plan.

Regardless of what design you choose, you can easily grow a beautiful garden in your own backyard, or even your front yard if you so choose.

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