Where Is the American Dream?

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Imagine yourself on Miami beach. In the distance you can barely hear the faint sounds of clubs, pulsating with the energy of youth. It is an ambient backdrop to the quieter sounds of the tide and salty wind.

This is one of the many reasons that the Port of Miami is known as the “cruise capital of the world. It has been the number one cruise passenger destination year in, year out. This is also why Miami sees so many real estate investments.

Miami beach real estate is undeniably desirous. Maybe it is the weather that has commercial real estate investors deciding to buy flats on Miami beach. Miami has a tropical monsoon climate, which means hot, humid summers and short, warm winters which are much drier.

Maybe it is just the weather that keeps real estate investments in Miami flourish, but I doubt it. Miami beach is also referred to as the American Riviera. Miami is the 42nd largest city in the country, with a population of 405,568. This is certainly one reason Miami sees so many real estate investments…it is an excellent place to own a business, with a booming tourist economy.

Miami was the first city to install a bank where made especially for inline skaters. This bank operates just like the rest, but there is a lane constructed for rollerbladers to wheel up to and conduct financial transactions.

Real estate investments have no better home than Miami, Florida. Come on down, there is money just waiting to be made!

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