Unsafe Online Shopping Habits Can Lead to Disastrous Results Practice Common Sense While Shopping

Safe online shopping

Some of the most asked questions online right now are Is it secure to shop online? or Is online shopping safe? The answer is Yes, to both. There is no need to live a life of internet hermitage just because you are afraid of being scammed online. Secure internet shopping is a simple process, that anyone with a lick of common sense can manage.

The only thing to remember is to use your common sense. That is a broad statement, so take a look at it broken down. First of all, know from whom you are buying. If it is a dealer or store with no big name, no reputation to speak of, then perhaps you should gravitate more to the online shops that are tried and trusted. That is not to say that all no name retailers online are not to be trusted, but do you want to be the one to prove the point that they should not be?

Also, learn to recognize red flags. If you are buying a book and the site asks for all of your credit card information, plus your social security number, you should be wary. A store that you are buying something from should never need your social security number for anything. It is a good idea to look for a little padlock icon and the phrase Safe Shop Guarantee. That way you can be sure that your security is protected, and if something should happen, they are obligated to take care of it because they offered you that guarantee.

As you can see, the answer to Is online shopping safe? is still Yes. Safe online shopping does not take an internet dynamo or a technological whiz to master. Remember your safe shopping online tips. Keep your head on your shoulders, learn to recognize anything suspicious, and you can spend your whole life buying things from the internet without ever having your identity stolen or having fraudulent charges applied to your credit card.

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  1. i buy stuff online all the time and have never had a problem. should i be more careful? i mean, i do not just give out my credit card info, but i do buy a lot without really looking to see how secure it is.

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