Urgent Care Facilities and Their Pediatric Walk in Clinics

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Urgent care facilities are experiencing some of the fastest growth within the healthcare industry. Understanding why these all hours healthcare providers are making such large may have you think twice before rushing off to the hospital only to wait in line for hours.

What is an urgent care facility, and how can it foundation as a pediatric walk in clinic?

In the United States, the urgent care movement began in the 1970s. Since then the practice of urgent care has expanded out of the U.S. and become a global healthcare standard.The purpose of urgent care facilities is to provide a sort of stop-gap medical service. For those patients who need immediate medical attentions but are not injured severely enough to warrant an immediate ticket to the emergency room of a hospital, there are 24 hour urgent care clinics. This means urgent care clinics are designed to help those people needing more immediate care than can be attained by scheduling an appointment with a physician or pediatrician, or waiting in line at a hospital. Everyone is a walk in.

These clinics offer everything from mending wounds and treating illness, to providing local STD testing, administering x-ray and other radiology exams, and providing pediatric walk in clinic care. In certain states, urgent care facilities have the ability to dispense point-of-care prescriptions. This service allows patients to leave the urgent care center with the prescriptions they need without going to another pharmacy, or returning to the clinic for a pick up.

How can a pediatric walk in clinic make guaranteeing your child’s health easier?

As a parent or guardian, you know that most injuries do not happen between the hours of nine and five. The first way that urgent care facilities can work to compliments the care of a pediatrician is by operating after hours. One function of an urgent care facility is to operate as a family walk in clinic. When your child finally contracts whatever cold his or her classmates have been battling with, the family care function of an urgent care facility can get your child the help they need faster.

Each year, Americans fall sick to one billion colds. These colds are one of the leading reason patients should see an urgent care facility. Often times, getting in to a doctor’s office with a scheduled is out of the question if you need that appointment in time to go to work. Getting into an urgent care facility can get you and your family back on track as quickly as possible. Good refereneces.

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