Let Lawyers in Ohio Help With DUI Arrests

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An arrest for drunk driving is very serious, and it is in your best interest to find lawyers in Ohio that are experienced in these types of cases. When facing charges of OVI, DWI, or DUI, an attorney can help protect your rights and take actions to limit the consequences you may be facing.

Consequences can include jail time and fines. A conviction of DUI in Ohio can result in jail time ranging from three days to six months. Lawyers in Ohio specializing in DUI can help reduce this sentence in some cases. However, even the first OVI offense can result in having points taken off your license. It is interesting to note that there are 44,789 people in Ohio have five or more OVI convictions, according the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

If you are charged with DUI, there is the possibility of having your license revoked for a period that can be between six months to three years. After you have been convicted, your license can be suspended pending an Administrative License Suspension hearing. Lawyers in Ohio from criminal defense firms can help you through this hearing, and may even get this period reduced in certain cases.

Many people will often plead guilty if it their first arrest. However, lawyers in Ohio including criminal DUI attorneys, can help you consider other situations. For instance, even if you did submit to a blood alcohol content test, lawyers in Ohio can often help you challenge the results. You should also understand all of the ramifications and consequences of a guilty plea. Again, lawyers in Ohio can often get these fines and sentences reduced.

If you have had prior OVI convictions, it is most certain that you will need the services of lawyers in Ohio. The penalties for multiple DUI offense are often much more harsh that a first offense. A DUI attorney can help you go over the options you may have in this cases.

While driving drunk is a serious offense, you should always consult with an attorney right after your arrest. You can consult with lawyers in Ohio to discuss your options. Find a good lawyer a the best DUI attorney that can represent you during the court proceedings.
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