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A Jean For Every Gene

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Dark wash jeans
Over time, denim has come a long way. It has moved from an unacceptable pant in the workplace, to a staple of many stylish business casual three piece suits. My, how times have changed. Jacob David and Levi Strauss first patented jeans on May 20th, 1873, and the first visual depiction of classic “working man” blue jeans dates back to a 17th century Italian painting. Today, people literally all over the globe wear jeans (save rural South Asia), and the average American citizen owns seven pairs of denim. The amount of modern styles of jeans that are made would be likely to exceed the wildest dreams of Jacob David himself. We have at our disposal studded jeans, ankle jeans, boyfriend jeans, light wash ripped jeans, dark wash jeans, and print

Save Money and Your Back with Chesapeake Movers

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Movers chesapeake
Anyone who has recently moved from one residence to another will readily admit that moving is not only a pain, but is incredibly stressful. It is not only the physical part of the move that causes movers stress, but the multitude of other factors that go along with moving. In fact, a recent study revealed that moving, after death and divorce, is the third most stressful life event that a person will ever experience. While that may be a bit of a stretch, it does satisfactorily express the undeniable fact that nobody looks forward to the process of moving. Fortunately, with the movers Chesapeake residents depend on, moving can be more efficient and less stressful than ever before. By enlisting the services of the best Continue Reading 7 Comments

Internal Revenue Service Tax Help

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Help with irs problems
Financial worries are among the chief stressors for Americans, with many of them stemming from trouble with the internal revenue service, better known as the IRS. Finding yourself unable to pay your taxes can be paralyzing, creating feelings of hopelessness that can result in even further spirals of debt and difficulty. Many are struck with a feeling that they don’t know what to do, sometimes resulting in the most dangerous possible outcome: inaction. Failure to take steps to resolve tax problems can result in a variety of undesirable consequences, and one of the most feared is the tax levy. Under tax levy and wage garnishment, citizens with tax debt problems who neglect to take steps toward IRS problem resolution find the IRS automatically taking large percentages of income, property, and other asset

The Future of Marketing is Here Today!

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Local search optimization
Did you know that a half of all local searches are conducted on mobile devices? That is precisely why the amount of money spent on local mobile advertisements by small businesses is expected to grow from $800 million to $18 billion in the next three years. If your company still has not jumped on the local search optimization bandwagon, you may want to do so before you get left in the dust! What is local search optimization? Also known as local search seo, local search optimization is the act of creating content (such as blog posts, and informative articles) that is linked to a small business with the goal of improving search engine ranking. Over three quarters of busines