Feeding Fido Financially Painful? Print Some Coupons

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Dog food can get expensive. Not so much when you are taking advantage of any free printable dog food coupons that you may find online. Not all dog food brands offer their coupons online. But, if you are lucky enough, you get a dog that is not a finicky eater and will chow down on anything that you put in her bowl. With that undiscriminating pallet, you have the freedom to buy the cheapest dog food on sale on any given day. But, that is not always the case. Your dog could be a picky eater. You may have certain standards for your dog food. Or your dog may have certain dietary restrictions, either due to allergies or to a sensitive stomach.

In my case, my dog fits all of these things. Lucky me, right? But, you just need to know where to look for the deals. Often you can find pet stores posting coupons on their websites. Other times you can find specific pet food stores offering the same thing. But my favorite stop for dog food coupons is going right to the company site. This is the easiest place to find a deal. And most companies are so happy to have your business, there will almost always be a coupon posted online for you to print.

There are other times when you have to work your way up to coupon status. Some brands ask you to input UPC codes into their website, and these add up over time, eventually earning you a coupon that you can print off. The bigger the bag, the more points you earn, so how much you are spending determines how quickly you will gain access to printable coupons.

One final note about your dog food. If you are one of those lucky few who are able to feed your dog any old kibble that you happen to buy, be aware of their dietary habits. Be sure to buy the bag of food while there is still about a fifth of the bag left of the old stuff. It is best for dogs, and keep this in mind for cats too, to slowly work their way into a new kibble. When you start, give them two thirds of their original food, a third of the new, for about a week. Then switch the ratio to a third old, two thirds new, for the second week. By then you should be done with the old bag, and your pup should be well accustomed to the new food at this point. By all means, buy the cheapest food, we all know how expensive it can be. Take advantage of those coupons. Just make sure that you are preparing your dog for the change. For more information, read this website.

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  1. it ultimately depends on the dog. most mutts are okay with anything, while other dogs are notorious for having sensitive stomachs

  2. it ultimately depends on the dog. most mutts are okay with anything, while other dogs are notorious for having sensitive stomachs

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