Moving as Easy as 1 2 3!

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Most of us can relate to the aches and pains associated with moving. The good news is that if you are coming up on a big move, there are plenty of options to take the stress off. Follow a few simple tricks of the trade, and you will be moving with ease, and leaving the back brace off.

Moving comes in a few stages. If you follow a few guidelines for each stage you should be able to stay organized and on schedule.

1. Hiring a Moving Company.
Believe it or not, this will be the hardest part of your moving journey. There are tons of options out there for hiring a moving company, and of course you will want to get the best service for your money. You will want to do your research, and read reviews online to find the most reliable and professional movers in the business.

Once you have a list of the best moving services, you will want to compare the packages they offer. Some companies offer full service movers, some are simple residential moving companies, others are somewhere in between.

With each package, there is also the consideration of the cost of movers. Although there are a variety of choices, in the end professional moving companies can be the cheapest way to move. If they cover the cost of cheap moving boxes, labor, gas, and mileage, you will probably be saving money in the long run.

2. Packing.
Part of the cost of moving will include the time it takes to pack your boxes. Some people even need to take time off of work to do so. Unless you plan to have your full service moving company do this for you, you should create a moving checklist. When hiring a moving company, ask if they offer a template. If not, you can easily find several online.

To help the movers, and your unpacking process you will want to label each box you pack by room and contents. This way, you will not be tearing apart boxes looking for something you need direct access to. Also make sure to clearly mark fragile boxes for the movers to ensure nothing is damaged. One last tip is to pack your essential items in a clear bin last. This way you can easily pull something out, and it will be the first thing unpacked at your new home.

3. Unpacking.
If you did the first two steps correctly, this one should be a breeze. The movers will easily unload items into the rooms they are marked as. You should take that essentials box out first and set up that coffee pot of extra unpacking energy. You should have a change of clothes, pillow, a radio, a fan, and other things to make unpacking comfortable.

Once you have completed these steps you should be all ready to relax and enjoy your new home. The move should have gone smoothly with little to no mishaps. Double check that checklist to account for all your belongings, and then enjoy meeting the neighbors. More information like this.

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  1. This is a good start for moving but there are tons of tips and tricks out there on the internet. Do as much reading as you can and use checklists.

  2. This is a good start for moving but there are tons of tips and tricks out there on the internet. Do as much reading as you can and use checklists.

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